Carnival introduces Ocean Medallion.

Carnival inc. is today to intoriduce the ocean medallion. A new interactive, wearable personal device. 

The device makes use of the ‘internet of things’ to provide a personalised concierge approach to guests onboard and, in home port, shoreside experiences. 

The medallion can be worn on the wrist or round the neck or indeed carried in a pocket or wallet. The technology is no tap and requires no charging. 

The technology is to be introduced today at CES in Las Vegas and will appear on Princes cruises late 2017 and early 2018, before eventually being rolled out across all then Carnival brands.  

I look forward to seeing it in action, but don’t like the idea of a wearable device. I do look forward to reading more and eventually experiencing this new customer enhancing experience. 

Original press release

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