Fly cruising and worried about weight?

This year before we join Queen Mary 2 in New York were spending a week in California. California will be hot and our plans include a trip to the original Queen Mary, Disney, Universal and down time with friends. 

These plans could not be more poles apart in what to wear, further we have two flights to complicate things. What then as a girl who likes to dress up on a crossing am I to do?

The answer it turns out is a miracle machine. A vacuum sealing machine to be exact. I have just packed (vacuum and in a bag) our formal gear in one duffel bag. We are a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids) so this was no mean feat. We have only a train journey home from Southampton when we get back to the UK so will pack an extra duffel bag in our luggage to accommodate our clothes, but if I had to fly home I would definitely pack my machine to create that vital space for everything to fit in. (It only weighs about 600g). 

Our machine is an Andrew James one which can be purchased from Amazon or similar. 
(Does not include my shoes in this bag, but does include my costume jewellery and hair accoutrements)

A Cunard duffel packed with formal wear for 8 nights!
saves weight and space.