Queen Mary a photo essay. 

Stepping aboard the first queen of the seas is as close as one can get to time travel. Having enjoyed the bang upto the minute attractions of the greater Los Angeles area we now looked forward to enjoying a step back to the golden era of travel. A return to a more elegant, refined and slower time beckoned us in the shape of a sleek, sharp bow, 3 orange funnels and a million riveted black hull. 

The RMS Queen Mary had been a feature if the Long Beach skyline since the ’60’s and has passed from owner to owner all seeking their own successes in conveying the once blue riband holding ocean greyhound into as successful a static attraction. It is testament to those who love her with as much passion as a if she were a family member that she is still with us today. That passion is formed now in the figurehead of the honorary Commodore, Everette Hoard. The Commodore, a softly spoken gentleman of Georgia origin, is the driving force behind her preservation and protection. He is supported by a fan base comprising fans, ex-crew,ex-employees and passengers who only want to see their ship preserved for generations to come.

I hope you enjoy my pictures from the day as much as we enjoyed our day aboard the Queen Mary.